Tried & True – Kitchen Kemistry Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Lids

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Kitchen Kemistry stainless steel mixing bowl set with lids is tried & true.

Ended up throwing out all of my melamine mixing bowls after reading an article about too much exposure to melamine causing kidney issues. With that said, I landed on wanting a set of mixing bowls that were either stainless steel or glass. Ultimately, I landed on stainless steel due to being lighter in weight.

The set came just as pictured and we use them all the time. I love that they have matching lids and can be thrown into the dishwasher for easy clean-up. The lids aren’t airtight if that is what you need, but they do their job well.

I recommend this set to anyone that may be on the hunt for new mixing bowls. They are fully stainless steel, super lightweight, and overall just practical in function and design. Seeing that they are stainless steel, these mixing bowls will last you for life!

Why can’t we all just get along?

Another overwhelming day in the news. It never stops. Do you ever read the news and wonder why we all can’t just get along? I totally understand someone not being your cup of tea, but civility seems to be going extinct these days.

People don’t get on with one another due to politics, religion, race, sex, etc. All trivial bullshit. At the end of the day, we should all remember one thing:


Beach Life – Day 11

By far the most amazing sunset we’ve experienced since the start of our commitment to the beach. Checkout my photos below – I took them in order as the night went on and the changes are so drastic and so beautiful. Started off sunny and nice when we arrived. Clouds started coming in and before we knew it, it was raining. The rain cleared the beach quick and it seemed like it would downpour. It cleared quickly – picture Hawaii-esque rain. Somehow, the storm went around us, but we could watch it in the distance. So many rainbows, but I couldn’t capture them from my phone’s camera. The clouds were unbelievable – what a sight. The beauty of the night made me forget everything in the entire day.

Beach Life – Day 10

Took the day off work to handle some medical business, so we were able to get to the beach earlier than usual. My sister joined us for the first time. A total scorcher! Around 100F and prime time sun. The sand was piping hot to the point I had to start running as I walked to the water. The water felt good and warmed up a lot. Lots of schools of fish right at the shore. After a few hours and plenty of sun, we walked over to Little Bad Wolf. Felt super drained from a long day in the sun.

Beach Life – Day 9

My business day wasn’t “smooth,” but was not as rough as recently usual. Finally a sunny day after all the rain. The clouds were looking like art, so I took lots of photos. Fit a semi-nap into the timeline. Used some time to reflect and meditate silently against the sound of the waves. Ended the night with some red sangria and good conversation. An overall wonderful day.

Beach Life – Day 8

Busy day with business life. Got out a little later than usual, but we were still able to catch the sunset. Tons of seagulls chilled out on the beach near us. Stayed for about 45 minutes before we got hungry. Walked about a mile away and stopped for some Mexican food. Today felt good – nice to relax and unwind before the end of the night.