Tulip Fest at Kuipers Family Farm

Took the day off and ended up going to Kuipers Family Farm with my mom and sister out in Maple Park, IL. We went specifically for the Midwest Tulip Fest and my mom loves flowers so we figured she would love it.

The farm is very well maintained and offers tons of activities for kids. My sister bought the tickets online and I believe they are slightly cheaper if you pre-purchase tickets. We went during the weekday, so parking was abundant and the place was pretty empty. You can pay extra to cut your own bouquet of tulips to take home.

The tulips were beautiful. There were so many at full bloom, you could smell them from a distance. We went at a great time, because due to the heat it looked like they all were at full bloom and wouldn’t last long.

Check out the photos I took from my phone below!

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