Macarons from Bennison’s Bakery in Evanston, IL

Bennison’s Bakery is tried & true.

I was first introduced to Bennison’s Bakery through my brother. He worked at Northwestern for awhile and found out about Bennison’s Bakery’s macarons through someone he knew. He swore up and down the macarons at Bennison’s were better than Ladurée – a bold claim.

Bennison’s macarons were super good.
The right amount of crisp on the outside, and chewiness on the inside.
They offer a pretty good variety of flavors daily, but I believe their website for pick-up only shows some of the flavors so you may be better off just stopping by in-person.

We ended up getting a bunch of flavors that were available at the time:
* mocha
* lemon
*red velvet
*salted caramel

I haven’t had the chance to try anything else from Bennison’s Bakery, but now that I am writing this, we will probably swing by tomorrow and see what they have!

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