Hiking at Devil’s Lake in Baraboo, WI

My sister and her husband ended up renting a house for a short getaway in Baraboo and invited us to come visit and stay with them for a night.

We took a small 3.5hr road trip with my other sister early Saturday morning and arrived in time to get in a good hike. It was a beautiful day for a hike, and such a great time since the trees hadn’t fully grown in yet, so a lot less bugs. The views over the water from the top of the cliffs are beautiful. There were also 5-6 hawks circling and at one point while climbing we were eye level with them, which was pretty cool.

My sister’s husband picked out the trails for us to hike and initially thought we were going to do 3.8 miles. Turned out to be over 10 miles – don’t ask!, which gave all of us a good workout.

The trails had pretty good incline and some parts were climbing on rocks. There weren’t any paved trails, so you will find a lot of rocks, sticks, roots, etc. to trip over. The leaves and rocks can get a little slippery, so you need to have shoes with good traction. There were a few different water fountain stations at various stops, so if you need a refill make sure you stop when you have the chance.

Check out some of the photos we took from our hike below!

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