Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL

Swung by the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL on our way home from Devil’s Head. We had wanted to check out this botanic garden for a long time, but nothing really brought us near Rockford for us to make the trip.

The gardens are beautiful and so well maintained. The admission for a Sunday was $11/person and we just paid in-person. I’m sure it will be more beautiful as it gets warmer and more of the trees and flowers bloom. Overall, it’s pretty small and you can check out the entire place in an hour or two. There is a restaurant that was super packed and looked to be cute, but we didn’t end up checking it out.

I’m not sure I would visit here again if I ended up in Rockford.
There are 2 other botanic gardens in Rockford I’ve not seen, so I would rather see those than Anderson Japanese Gardens again. If you happen to be in the area or passing through, I would recommend visiting here, but I don’t think it is worth the trip just for this.

Check out some of the photos we took during our visit at the Anderson Japanese Gardens below!

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