My Dairy Free Journey

Recently, I went through a period of intense stomach pains and issues. It was bad enough for long enough that I finally gave in and went to the doctor to figure out what was happening. After some testing, I figured out I am now lactose intolerant.

Due to all the pain, giving dairy up didn’t seem so daunting and I rather looked forward to doing whatever necessary to not have stomach problems. To get back on the right track, I decided to give up a number of items making up part of my regular diet.
dairy (milk, cheese, butter, etc)
red meat (beef, pork, etc)
shellfish (shrimp, lobster, etc)
any processed meats (deli meat, prosciutto, etc)

Almost 2 months later, and the toughest part has been realizing how much I was actually consuming the items listed above. Eating anywhere but home has proven difficult. The options are pretty limited, or you can reconstruct dishes to eliminate what you can’t have.

The two things I am missing the most? – charcuterie and pizza.
Charcuterie is my favorite snack ever and I regularly kept a variety of cheeses, olives, meats, etc to make baby cheeseboards for lunch.
Pizza is pizza and who doesn’t love pizza?!

My updated version of charcuterie contains castelvetrano olives, marinated artichokes, blueberries, homemade hummus, and garlic pita.
Not entirely the same, but it tastes great and is much easier on my stomach.
As for pizza, I found Blaze Pizza has vegan crust and cheese, or you can nix the cheese entirely and do a pesto drizzle with veggies.

As I continue on my journey, I will be sure to post updates. Tune in and I’ll let you know of any good spots or recipes I come across!

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