Free Recycling – TerraCycle

Ever since finding out about TerraCycle, I have been OBSESSED.
At TerraCycle, their mission is Eliminating the Idea of Waste®. They offer solutions for recycling the items we can’t normally recycle to contribute to a more sustainable life.

You can purchase their Zero Waste Boxes to recycle difficult items like art supplies, coffee capsules, bottle caps, etc.

For those that can’t afford it or simply aren’t interested in paying, TerraCycle offer plenty of free recycling programs to help you reduce your impact on our planet. You’ll find tons of common household brands offer free recycling programs like Swiffer, Taco Bell, Takis, Tide, Rubbermaid, and so many more.

For a better, healthier planet, we all need to start somewhere.
Each individual contribution really accumulates to a much larger overall impact.
Spread the word about TerraCycle!

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