Tried & True – OSEA Plant-Based Body Brush

OSEA Plant-Based Body Brush is tried & true.

One of my sisters bought this for me for Christmas at my request.
I read a little about dry brushing and wanted to give it a shot. According to what I read, with skin dry before you shower, you’re supposed to start at your feet and move up your body gently with circular, clockwise movements. Go real light on areas like your chest where skin is more sensitive. Do your arms last, and brush upwards towards your armpits. Don’t take a super hot shower afterwards…just use lukewarm or cool water.

I dry brush no more than once a week. It definitely helps with exfoliation, but I feel like any more than once a week is too harsh on my skin. I always make sure to moisturize really well after dry brushing, because it does seem to dry my skin out more.

Since I have seen a noticeable improvement, I can say I recommend dry brushing to others. I haven’t tried a wide assortment of dry brushes, so I can only recommend the one I have tried from OSEA.
Just remember to be gentle!

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