Tried & True – Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Making the big leap from a traditional office/travel role to a fully remote gig forced me to put time and effort towards building out my home office.

When it came to the office furniture, I settled on buying an adjustable standing desk, but the real challenge came with selecting which standing desk on the open market was best for me.

After reading countless articles on the “best” standing desks, I observed many articles seemed to rate which product was “best” by using Amazon ratings/reviews. If you’re like me, you take a lot of reviews with a grain of salt since so many people are paid or incentivized to leave good ratings and others will give terrible reviews for the oddest, most unnecessary reasons.

I narrowed it down and was torn between the Fully Jarvis and the Steelcase Migration. They are pretty similar, but my main concern was with the quality and build of the legs and mechanics. After much debate, I finally settled on purchasing the Fully Jarvis.

I’ve had the desk for a couple years now and absolutely love it!
I designed mine to be on casters, so the desk is super easy to move around and the mechanics have worked great. I also paid extra for outlets with USB & USB-C ports for both of the wire holes which have been really convenient.

The one regret I have is not paying extra for the larger range of motion. Since I got casters, the desk naturally sits higher and I made the mistake of not accounting for the height the casters would add. Due to this, the lowest height of the desk is a little too tall for me, so I have to adjust my chair height to be taller but then my feet cannot be planted on the ground. To offset this whole issue, I ended up buying a cushioned foot rest on Amazon (will share at a later date).

You would think I work for Fully the way I promote this desk to everyone I know. I’m a businesswoman that sits in front of multiple computers for hours on end daily for over a decade, so this desk was a gamechanger for me. I alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day and have noticed it keeps my neck and back less tense. In long meetings, I click a button to raise to standing position and then will use small hand weights to keep active.

Now for the kicker. For some odd, 100% unexplained reason, I ended up receiving a Steelcase Migration in the mail. I never purchased one and they didn’t have a purchase on record for my address to even process a return, but there I was with multiple super heavy boxes.

Here are my thoughts on the Steelcase.
The actual desktop is INSANELY heavy. Keep in mind I didn’t customize this, so I’m not sure of the exact specs, but I can tell you in lifting the desktop and fully assembled desk, it feels at least twice the weight of the Fully Jarvis. The motor controls are slightly different, but the actual function of the Steelcase Migration seems high quality like the Fully Jarvis. I don’t know the type of desktop that was chosen, but the wood color is comparable to my Jarvis and has a sort of coating or sheen on it. The coating/sheen on the desktop gives it a cheaper look when I compare it to my Fully Jarvis.

Overall, I would say both are very nice, but I still favor the Fully Jarvis for its lighter weight design and the actual feel of the desktop.

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