What Success Means to Me

Success is in the eye of the beholder. While some believe money and fame defines success to them, others see success in different ways. For me, my success is defined by what I can do for my parents. True success is taking care of them the way they have for me and my siblings.

As immigrants, I feel my parents gave up everything to give us a better life. Looking back now, I can say there’s not a chance I could have sacrificed as much as them at this point in my life. Right there is where my appreciation for them is born. They left everyone they know and came to a country with a whole new language and way of life all so we could have a better life.

Now that I am older and have learned so much from them, my main goal is to give them anything they want and let them enjoy each day they have left on this planet, so they know their sacrifice didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

So what does success mean to me? Success means doing everything I can to keep my parents as happy as possible for as long as possible. Seeing them and taking care of them for trips has made me feel successful and makes me continue to strive for more to keeping seeing them smile.

Below are a few photos they took on recent trips. All photo credit to my mom and dad. I feel like they are two little iPhone photographers and their photos come out like postcards.

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My Guide to Selling on Poshmark

I’ve had a Poshmark account since close to when they first started, but didn’t start using it for selling until October 2021. Like most people, pandemic lockdowns had me going through my entire house organizing, cleaning, and coming to the realization of how much “stuff” I owned.
Working from home and being in the house more really motivated me to want to go through all my possessions. It was time to let go of clothes, shoes, and accessories I don’t wear (some brand new 😔). Also, we’ve been looking for a new house for awhile, so may as well pare down what I have before a move, right?! We did a deep dive in our closets and started making piles for donating & Poshmark selling. And there our Poshmark closet was born…

I’m not a “real” seller and this isn’t a business generating my primary income.
I enjoy it because it is low maintenance for me.
I already have a whole home office setup and the post office is a short walk away for us.
Poshmark takes 20% of all sales $15 or more and $2.95 for anything less than that.
They take care of shipping – you just print the label and can have USPS deliver boxes to you for free.
Sales are basically final sales and it seems like returns can only happen if you misrepresented what you were selling and the buyer opens a case with Poshmark. This takes the hassle out of processing returns and such. I’ve never had a return on Poshmark, so I can’t speak from experience on how that pans out.

I’ve found the best way to get my items listed is to do everything in batches (5+ items at a time).
Everything is fresh washed and steamed unless it is new with tags.
Next, in an Excel spreadsheet, I enter all of the listing details for each item.
Now it’s time to photograph everything. Make sure the light is good and try to use a neutral background. We just hang items in front of one of our closet doors.
After all the photos are taken, we upload and start building out our listings.
You can publish on the spot or save them as drafts to publish at strategic times.

It’s been a long journey on Poshmark, and I wanted to share my experience for those thinking about selling on Poshmark. I’ll continue to be a casual seller as we continue to clean out our closets.
Feel free to ask me any questions or share any tips you have!


To get the first level of Ambassador status requires 5,000 community shares, 5,000 self-shares, 50 new poshers shared, 50 available listings, 15 sold listings, minimum seller rating of 4.5 stars, less than 3 day average days to ship, and 1 love note given.
I’m not sure this is worth all the effort.
The only difference I noticed was getting more followers.
I suppose the additional followers could lead to expanding your visibility, but Poshmark is so random to me there is no telling what the real deal is.
That being said, I wouldn’t recommend rushing to get this completed like we did since there wasn’t an actual result.

Community Shares

We invested a lot of time in community sharing to see if we would get a good result. A lot of Poshmark sellers do 1-for-1 sharing aka if you share one of their items, they will share one of yours. Again, this may be helpful with expanding your reach since your items may be shared into a network you haven’t tapped into yet. My personal experience was this took too much time/effort with no direct result. We do community sharing here and there during parties, but have dropped it from our main focus.

Self Shares

We have definitely seen a result with self-sharing.
I didn’t realize there was a bulk share feature, so I was sharing individual listings for our first 3,500 self-shares. Save yourself the time and use bulk sharing to your closet and to any applicable parties.
I like that if you bulk share to a party, it filters out the items that qualify for the party for you.
We bulk share our closet the most. Try to do this throughout the day as much as you can.
We usually get a lot of likes when we self-share to parties and to our followers, so this has resulted in a number of sales.


I think the listing name and details are important.
The search function on Poshmark isn’t the best, so use clear titles and key words in your description.
Be HONEST! If there are any damages, disclose them and show plenty of photos.
I’m always very clear if anything is wrong and make sure to take photos. This is to protect yourself as well. If you disclose upfront, you’re giving the buyer a choice.
Add measurements if you’d like. Some buyers will comment and ask for measurements on items of interest. I don’t do them upfront, because I’m lazy, but I’m sure it is helpful.
Original price is required, but I always put $0 after I noticed that’s what most sellers entered.
Try to keep photos bright & give as much detail as possible.
It’s better to delete and re-list instead of just clicking Copy Listing.


When someone makes a purchase you will receive an email confirmation with the shipping label attached. Just print, package, and ship! Sometimes we include free small gifts. Usually beauty samples or hair clips. My sales have been pretty random. We usually see the most right after a big batch of new listings. Other than after big listing periods, the sales seem more sparse and random.

Likes & Offers

We’ve managed to pull a good amount of sales from making offers to people that like our items.
Use the My Shoppers tools to create bundles from likes and make offers. We have buyers accept offers outright, others negotiate, and others don’t respond at all. There are a lot of buyers that will lowball, but I guess I don’t blame them for trying. I’ve found it to be worthwhile to make offers to likers, so this is one of the main things we do. Sometimes we offer a shipping discount, but it depends on the item. I have a lot of items priced really low, so I try to offer a shipping discount when I can.

Buying & Love Notes

I bought a brand new t-shirt on Poshmark and left a love note so I could get Ambassador status and see if it proved beneficial for me. I’ve found the buyers that leave love notes most are fellow Poshmark sellers too. I don’t really see any benefit from receiving or sending love notes. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes with that. Shipping is almost $8 for the buyer, so keep that in mind when you are making offers.

Overall Assessment

Poshmark can be as much work as you want it to be. We use it casually and I have the money go into an account and robo-invested. It’s low maintenance and works for us. It also gives us a reason to get out and go for a good walk. Our highest activity always comes with new listings, so it’s best to spread the new listings out to go live at different times. Otherwise, focus on sharing your own items and engaging with your likers!

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A more sustainable life

The older I grow, the more important sustainability has become to me.
I can’t fathom how anyone could watch the news or experience some of today’s events and not feel the same. Following the news closely for trading, I come across so much bad happening on the planet and it’s motivated me to make changes in my own life to try to contribute towards a better planet.
Take for example, the video below – super disturbing:

We are constantly looking for small ways we can try to do our part for a healthier Earth.
Below are some of the ways we are trying to make an impact & we are always open to hearing more.
Leave me a comment if you have anything to share!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Take for example, TerraCycle, which I posted about earlier here.

Reusable Ziploc Bags

We recently switched to reusable silicone bags to cut down our use of plastic Ziploc bags. Initially, I bought these BPA free bags (paid link), but they really didn’t hold up all that well and stained super easily, so I recently purchased these silicone ones (paid link) which I LOVE! They come with a couple cotton bags you can use for produce too. I can throw the silicone ones in the dishwasher, and they are much thicker and more durable. I’ve used them for marinating several times now and no staining.


At the start of COVID, we started getting more interested in gardening because all the stores were out of everything. There is a level of gratification with growing your own food, so we really enjoy it. Our city garden today has tomatoes, jalapenos, green onions, and spinach. We’re growing some flowers so we can attract bees and butterflies to our tomatoes, but also who doesn’t love the look and smell of flowers. Just from our balcony, we have managed to grow basil, mint, cilantro, pepperoncini, red onions, garlic, butter lettuce, and potatoes.

Tuna Avocado Lettuce Wraps with butter lettuce we grew on our balcony.


We started composting years ago on a whim and have stuck to it ever since.
Our main purpose for composting was to use it for fertilizing our city garden.
I found this stainless steel compost bin on Amazon (paid link) and have had it saved for awhile, but I haven’t tried it myself yet. Bins like these make it super easy for anyone to compost these days.


We try to repurpose when we can. I feel like the main things we repurpose are food jars and candle jars…really anything I can use for storage and organizing. I think if more people started repurposing more, we could definitely make a significant impact on waste.

Cutting Down Bottled Water

Back in the day, we always bought bottled water. I would go through massive amounts of bottled water in a week and buy multiple cases from Costco. Fast forward to now, and we never buy bottled water anymore and we use the PUR Plus Water Dispenser (paid link). We bought it during the pandemic from Target or Home Depot during the time when everyone was hoarding bottled water. To cut down bottled water even more, we ended up buying some super insulated water bottles to take on-the-go from HomeGoods. We bought big ones like these, but I needed slimmer ones like these too so they could fit in the cupholders in my car (paid links).

Reusable Grocery Bags

For the longest, we have been using reusable grocery bags. I’ve managed to build a collection of free ones from different places. I’ve also invested in a good freezer bag, which has come in handy on so many occasions. Not only do they cut down your use of plastic bags, they are also way more sturdy and reliable. I really like these from Amazon (paid link). Here’s an insulated freezer bag from Amazon that is like mine (paid link). My mom gave me one, and I think it was from Sam’s Club. They come in handy for grocery store days but also if you ever do picnics, go to the beach, or go for hikes. Throw in some ice packs (paid link) and you are good to go.


While I know we can do a lot more, we all have to start somewhere. I’m always open to hearing more ideas on what I can do to make an impact. Amongst all the hatred and weirdness going on, we only have one planet we have to share and treat right. I hope we can all come together and try to do what we can to make our planet a better place.