Beach Life – Day 2

Pretty cloudy & overcast, but not raining.
Threw on our hats and a light drizzle started right away.
Made our way to the beach.
Super, super humid – the air felt thick.
Walked along the shore and was surprised by how cold the water felt.
Progressively got more windy and the waves started crashing.
Watching the water was mesmerizing

Took some photos along the way so you could join us on our walk:

Beach Life – Day 1

Another rough day at the office.
Getting out in the sun felt so good.
The beach was nice and chill, not wild or too many people.
Listening to the waves melted away so much stress & tense feelings.
Forced us to stay and watch the sunset – took tons of pics to capture the color changes.
Crazy – went from feeling so much stress & anxiety to feeling like I had the perfect day because the end made me forget about the beginning.

Watching the sky tonight made me think of Henry David Thoreau:

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

My Commitment to the Beach

Walked to the beach the other day and found myself in such a relaxing place mentally while I was there.

The day started on the wrong foot and spiraled into an intensely stressful day, personally & professionally. After logging off for the day, it was so beautiful outside, so we decided to take a walk to the beach so I could get some fresh air and stretch out my legs and back from sitting at a computer all day.

There couldn’t have been a more perfect activity for me and where I was mentally and spiritually in that moment. The sun, the sand, the sound of waves, the beauty of the sky…it was all just perfect. All the stress I had accumulated through the day started to melt away and I started feeling relaxed – something I rarely feel.

As the sun began to set and we continued to sit by the water and watch the sky change before our eyes, we decided we would walk to the beach everyday unless it’s storming really bad. It’s great exercise, gets us sunshine, and overall it’s giving me such a healthy alternative to coping with my stress.

Can’t wait to show you guys and share our experiences.

City Walks in Edgewater Glen, Chicago

We took a little freestyle stroll around Edgewater Glen in Chicago a few weeks ago.
Ended up coming across a Flaco’s Tacos on Granville, so we ducked in and grabbed a few of their frozen lime margaritas to-go. They are the perfect to-go cocktail. Since they are frozen, they stayed cold during a 90F day, and were strong enough to give us a pretty good little buzz.

We continue our walk and came across the lakefront where we sat on a bench and enjoyed a margarita. After we finished, we continued our walk along Sheridan until we came to this small park tucked away with a lakefront view.

We will definitely visit for some more frozen margaritas!

Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve in Oak Brook, IL

We were out and about in the area and thought it would be good to go for a walk. My sister found Fullersburg Woods nearby on Google Maps, so we parked up and picked a random trail to follow.

Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve was a really nice place to get a good walk. There was a lot to see and for a fidgety person like myself, it’s nice to have a lot to look at. There’s a 3.2 mile loop you can walk and come across different sights. We saw a lot of interesting birds and some deer while we were there. I got a good photo of an egret while we were there too.

My parents are nearby, so I would definitely go back. It’s a nice, short walk with a lot to see. It’s well maintained and was large enough to be distanced from others. Definitely bring bug spray. It was pretty buggy throughout.

Check out some of the photos I took during our walk in Fullersburg Woods.

Dalgona Coffee = Not for Me

During the height of the pandemic, the dalgona coffee craze had taken over. We decided to give it a shot and see how we liked it. I mean during that time we were locked down in the house, so what did we have better to do? We ended up using this 100% Colombian instant coffee from Trader Joe’s (paid link).

The drink looked pretty cool, but it was way too sweet for me. I’m the girl that orders coffee black or has espresso with a dash of steamed soy. The dalgona coffee drink reminded me of a dessert more than my usual morning pick-me-up. It was so rich and overpowering I just cannot imagine drinking a cup of this.

We’re glad we tried something new, but it’s not something I would try again. The best part to come out of the experience was discovering Trader Joe’s 100% Colombian instant coffee (paid link). I buy it regularly and use it to make iced coffee for the week in a carafe. It tastes great, is super quick to make, and is pretty strong which I prefer. We bought our carafe from HomeGoods, but this is a cute set from Amazon (paid link) that is similar.

If you want to try out dalgona coffee for yourself, below is a quick recipe.

Mix 2 tablespoons each of sugar, instant coffee, and cold water.
Whisk or use a hand mixer until the mixture thickens & gets fluffy.
Fill a glass with ice and milk & pour the mixture on top

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Credit: life with lulu