Missing Camp Nou

The saddest part of the pandemic for me has been being away from Camp Nou and not seeing Messi one last time before he left Barcelona. Football hasn’t been the same since the pandemic.

My Google Photos app recently reminded me of some Camp Nou memories.
Check out some of my photos below!

City Walks in Edgewater Glen, Chicago

We took a little freestyle stroll around Edgewater Glen in Chicago a few weeks ago.
Ended up coming across a Flaco’s Tacos on Granville, so we ducked in and grabbed a few of their frozen lime margaritas to-go. They are the perfect to-go cocktail. Since they are frozen, they stayed cold during a 90F day, and were strong enough to give us a pretty good little buzz.

We continue our walk and came across the lakefront where we sat on a bench and enjoyed a margarita. After we finished, we continued our walk along Sheridan until we came to this small park tucked away with a lakefront view.

We will definitely visit for some more frozen margaritas!

Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve in Oak Brook, IL

We were out and about in the area and thought it would be good to go for a walk. My sister found Fullersburg Woods nearby on Google Maps, so we parked up and picked a random trail to follow.

Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve was a really nice place to get a good walk. There was a lot to see and for a fidgety person like myself, it’s nice to have a lot to look at. There’s a 3.2 mile loop you can walk and come across different sights. We saw a lot of interesting birds and some deer while we were there. I got a good photo of an egret while we were there too.

My parents are nearby, so I would definitely go back. It’s a nice, short walk with a lot to see. It’s well maintained and was large enough to be distanced from others. Definitely bring bug spray. It was pretty buggy throughout.

Check out some of the photos I took during our walk in Fullersburg Woods.

Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago, IL

Took a walk yesterday to the Gethsemane Garden Center with my sister. The place is a lot bigger than I thought it was and they also have a gift shop where you can buy kitchenware, home good, cards, etc. They do have a pretty nice sized parking lot, so it’s convenient to drive if you plan to buy a lot of plants or heavy planters.

They have a huge plant selection to choose from and even had some super old bonsai and large cacti. Some of the plant prices get expensive, but I doubt you can find some of these plants just anywhere. The gift shop was a pleasant surprise and had a lot of cute goodies. We didn’t even realize they had a whole store full of non-garden related items. They had some really cool dishes made with cured fruit by a local artist that were super unique. I thought about getting one made with cured lemons, but I ended up only buying a dinosaur sticker book for my niece – she’s a four year old going through a major dinosaur obsession at the moment.

I would definitely go back for the gift shop alone. Like I said, they had some super cute items that would make for unique gifts. Some of the plants would also be great house warming gifts. I’d also go back if I needed something quick for our garden and it’s easier to walk over here than take a drive to Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Check out some of the photos I took while at Gethsemane below!

Balneario Carolina in Puerto Rico

Heard about the beaches near Carolina Beach from one of the locals and we decided to give it a shot. Glad we did, because it was so perfect and just what we were looking for.

There’s tons of areas to park with beach across the road. We didn’t go to the main Carolina Beach, but one of the ones in the area. We ended up driving further along the road until we saw a spot that was less crowded and more lowkey. Along the way, we passed a bunch of restaurants, and said we would take a visit after our beach time. When we spotted the one we wanted to set up at, we were pretty much the only ones on the beach.

After we left, we stopped at Kiosko El Boricua for a bite to eat. The food was really good

Unfortunately, my sisters and I all ended up with a bad sunburn. I rarely burn, but the cool ocean breeze really tricked me into thinking I was okay. If it wasn’t for our burns, I think we would have definitely gone back during our trip. I would always be up for visiting when I am in Puerto Rico and recommend it to others as well.

Check out some of the photos I took while at Carolina Beach.

Chicago Botanic Garden

Had some days off so we decided to swing by the Chicago Botanic Garden to get a good walk in.
The grounds are very well maintained and large enough to be able to get space, but small enough that you can get through everything in fairly quickly.
Some may think the admission is on the pricier side, but I’m sure a lot of goes towards maintaining the grounds, so I think it is going to a good place.
Everything wasn’t in full bloom yet while we were there, so I’m sure we will go back again soon.
Overall, I would say everything at the Botanic Garden is really pretty & put together.
Not your pure nature walk, but it’s close to the city and has easy trails to walk that are nicer than the city streets.

Parking is $8 per car and it’s easiest to just purchase online before arriving.
Admission pricing differs per day and event, but you can purchase that in advance as well.

Check out some of the photos I took during our walk at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

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Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL

Swung by the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL on our way home from Devil’s Head. We had wanted to check out this botanic garden for a long time, but nothing really brought us near Rockford for us to make the trip.

The gardens are beautiful and so well maintained. The admission for a Sunday was $11/person and we just paid in-person. I’m sure it will be more beautiful as it gets warmer and more of the trees and flowers bloom. Overall, it’s pretty small and you can check out the entire place in an hour or two. There is a restaurant that was super packed and looked to be cute, but we didn’t end up checking it out.

I’m not sure I would visit here again if I ended up in Rockford.
There are 2 other botanic gardens in Rockford I’ve not seen, so I would rather see those than Anderson Japanese Gardens again. If you happen to be in the area or passing through, I would recommend visiting here, but I don’t think it is worth the trip just for this.

Check out some of the photos we took during our visit at the Anderson Japanese Gardens below!

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