Beach Life – Day 12

Been a long week for both of us. Feeling sore all around. Bought a new beach blanket and gave it its first test spin. Listened to music and laid with my babe. Cloudy, but hot and humid. The breeze off the water felt good. Felt good to spend some quality time together outside.

Beach Life – Day 10

Took the day off work to handle some medical business, so we were able to get to the beach earlier than usual. My sister joined us for the first time. A total scorcher! Around 100F and prime time sun. The sand was piping hot to the point I had to start running as I walked to the water. The water felt good and warmed up a lot. Lots of schools of fish right at the shore. After a few hours and plenty of sun, we walked over to Little Bad Wolf. Felt super drained from a long day in the sun.

Beach Life – Day 9

My business day wasn’t “smooth,” but was not as rough as recently usual. Finally a sunny day after all the rain. The clouds were looking like art, so I took lots of photos. Fit a semi-nap into the timeline. Used some time to reflect and meditate silently against the sound of the waves. Ended the night with some red sangria and good conversation. An overall wonderful day.

Beach Life – Day 8

Busy day with business life. Got out a little later than usual, but we were still able to catch the sunset. Tons of seagulls chilled out on the beach near us. Stayed for about 45 minutes before we got hungry. Walked about a mile away and stopped for some Mexican food. Today felt good – nice to relax and unwind before the end of the night.

Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago, IL

Took a walk yesterday to the Gethsemane Garden Center with my sister. The place is a lot bigger than I thought it was and they also have a gift shop where you can buy kitchenware, home good, cards, etc. They do have a pretty nice sized parking lot, so it’s convenient to drive if you plan to buy a lot of plants or heavy planters.

They have a huge plant selection to choose from and even had some super old bonsai and large cacti. Some of the plant prices get expensive, but I doubt you can find some of these plants just anywhere. The gift shop was a pleasant surprise and had a lot of cute goodies. We didn’t even realize they had a whole store full of non-garden related items. They had some really cool dishes made with cured fruit by a local artist that were super unique. I thought about getting one made with cured lemons, but I ended up only buying a dinosaur sticker book for my niece – she’s a four year old going through a major dinosaur obsession at the moment.

I would definitely go back for the gift shop alone. Like I said, they had some super cute items that would make for unique gifts. Some of the plants would also be great house warming gifts. I’d also go back if I needed something quick for our garden and it’s easier to walk over here than take a drive to Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Check out some of the photos I took while at Gethsemane below!