Why can’t we all just get along?

Another overwhelming day in the news. It never stops. Do you ever read the news and wonder why we all can’t just get along? I totally understand someone not being your cup of tea, but civility seems to be going extinct these days.

People don’t get on with one another due to politics, religion, race, sex, etc. All trivial bullshit. At the end of the day, we should all remember one thing:


A more sustainable life

The older I grow, the more important sustainability has become to me.
I can’t fathom how anyone could watch the news or experience some of today’s events and not feel the same. Following the news closely for trading, I come across so much bad happening on the planet and it’s motivated me to make changes in my own life to try to contribute towards a better planet.
Take for example, the video below – super disturbing:

We are constantly looking for small ways we can try to do our part for a healthier Earth.
Below are some of the ways we are trying to make an impact & we are always open to hearing more.
Leave me a comment if you have anything to share!

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Take for example, TerraCycle, which I posted about earlier here.

Reusable Ziploc Bags

We recently switched to reusable silicone bags to cut down our use of plastic Ziploc bags. Initially, I bought these BPA free bags (paid link), but they really didn’t hold up all that well and stained super easily, so I recently purchased these silicone ones (paid link) which I LOVE! They come with a couple cotton bags you can use for produce too. I can throw the silicone ones in the dishwasher, and they are much thicker and more durable. I’ve used them for marinating several times now and no staining.


At the start of COVID, we started getting more interested in gardening because all the stores were out of everything. There is a level of gratification with growing your own food, so we really enjoy it. Our city garden today has tomatoes, jalapenos, green onions, and spinach. We’re growing some flowers so we can attract bees and butterflies to our tomatoes, but also who doesn’t love the look and smell of flowers. Just from our balcony, we have managed to grow basil, mint, cilantro, pepperoncini, red onions, garlic, butter lettuce, and potatoes.

Tuna Avocado Lettuce Wraps with butter lettuce we grew on our balcony.


We started composting years ago on a whim and have stuck to it ever since.
Our main purpose for composting was to use it for fertilizing our city garden.
I found this stainless steel compost bin on Amazon (paid link) and have had it saved for awhile, but I haven’t tried it myself yet. Bins like these make it super easy for anyone to compost these days.


We try to repurpose when we can. I feel like the main things we repurpose are food jars and candle jars…really anything I can use for storage and organizing. I think if more people started repurposing more, we could definitely make a significant impact on waste.

Cutting Down Bottled Water

Back in the day, we always bought bottled water. I would go through massive amounts of bottled water in a week and buy multiple cases from Costco. Fast forward to now, and we never buy bottled water anymore and we use the PUR Plus Water Dispenser (paid link). We bought it during the pandemic from Target or Home Depot during the time when everyone was hoarding bottled water. To cut down bottled water even more, we ended up buying some super insulated water bottles to take on-the-go from HomeGoods. We bought big ones like these, but I needed slimmer ones like these too so they could fit in the cupholders in my car (paid links).

Reusable Grocery Bags

For the longest, we have been using reusable grocery bags. I’ve managed to build a collection of free ones from different places. I’ve also invested in a good freezer bag, which has come in handy on so many occasions. Not only do they cut down your use of plastic bags, they are also way more sturdy and reliable. I really like these from Amazon (paid link). Here’s an insulated freezer bag from Amazon that is like mine (paid link). My mom gave me one, and I think it was from Sam’s Club. They come in handy for grocery store days but also if you ever do picnics, go to the beach, or go for hikes. Throw in some ice packs (paid link) and you are good to go.


While I know we can do a lot more, we all have to start somewhere. I’m always open to hearing more ideas on what I can do to make an impact. Amongst all the hatred and weirdness going on, we only have one planet we have to share and treat right. I hope we can all come together and try to do what we can to make our planet a better place.

Free Recycling – TerraCycle

Ever since finding out about TerraCycle, I have been OBSESSED.
At TerraCycle, their mission is Eliminating the Idea of Waste®. They offer solutions for recycling the items we can’t normally recycle to contribute to a more sustainable life.

You can purchase their Zero Waste Boxes to recycle difficult items like art supplies, coffee capsules, bottle caps, etc.

For those that can’t afford it or simply aren’t interested in paying, TerraCycle offer plenty of free recycling programs to help you reduce your impact on our planet. You’ll find tons of common household brands offer free recycling programs like Swiffer, Taco Bell, Takis, Tide, Rubbermaid, and so many more.

For a better, healthier planet, we all need to start somewhere.
Each individual contribution really accumulates to a much larger overall impact.
Spread the word about TerraCycle!