Tried & True – Kitchen Kemistry Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Lids

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Kitchen Kemistry stainless steel mixing bowl set with lids is tried & true.

Ended up throwing out all of my melamine mixing bowls after reading an article about too much exposure to melamine causing kidney issues. With that said, I landed on wanting a set of mixing bowls that were either stainless steel or glass. Ultimately, I landed on stainless steel due to being lighter in weight.

The set came just as pictured and we use them all the time. I love that they have matching lids and can be thrown into the dishwasher for easy clean-up. The lids aren’t airtight if that is what you need, but they do their job well.

I recommend this set to anyone that may be on the hunt for new mixing bowls. They are fully stainless steel, super lightweight, and overall just practical in function and design. Seeing that they are stainless steel, these mixing bowls will last you for life!

Tried & True – Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Making the big leap from a traditional office/travel role to a fully remote gig forced me to put time and effort towards building out my home office.

When it came to the office furniture, I settled on buying an adjustable standing desk, but the real challenge came with selecting which standing desk on the open market was best for me.

After reading countless articles on the “best” standing desks, I observed many articles seemed to rate which product was “best” by using Amazon ratings/reviews. If you’re like me, you take a lot of reviews with a grain of salt since so many people are paid or incentivized to leave good ratings and others will give terrible reviews for the oddest, most unnecessary reasons.

I narrowed it down and was torn between the Fully Jarvis and the Steelcase Migration. They are pretty similar, but my main concern was with the quality and build of the legs and mechanics. After much debate, I finally settled on purchasing the Fully Jarvis.

I’ve had the desk for a couple years now and absolutely love it!
I designed mine to be on casters, so the desk is super easy to move around and the mechanics have worked great. I also paid extra for outlets with USB & USB-C ports for both of the wire holes which have been really convenient.

The one regret I have is not paying extra for the larger range of motion. Since I got casters, the desk naturally sits higher and I made the mistake of not accounting for the height the casters would add. Due to this, the lowest height of the desk is a little too tall for me, so I have to adjust my chair height to be taller but then my feet cannot be planted on the ground. To offset this whole issue, I ended up buying a cushioned foot rest on Amazon (will share at a later date).

You would think I work for Fully the way I promote this desk to everyone I know. I’m a businesswoman that sits in front of multiple computers for hours on end daily for over a decade, so this desk was a gamechanger for me. I alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day and have noticed it keeps my neck and back less tense. In long meetings, I click a button to raise to standing position and then will use small hand weights to keep active.

Now for the kicker. For some odd, 100% unexplained reason, I ended up receiving a Steelcase Migration in the mail. I never purchased one and they didn’t have a purchase on record for my address to even process a return, but there I was with multiple super heavy boxes.

Here are my thoughts on the Steelcase.
The actual desktop is INSANELY heavy. Keep in mind I didn’t customize this, so I’m not sure of the exact specs, but I can tell you in lifting the desktop and fully assembled desk, it feels at least twice the weight of the Fully Jarvis. The motor controls are slightly different, but the actual function of the Steelcase Migration seems high quality like the Fully Jarvis. I don’t know the type of desktop that was chosen, but the wood color is comparable to my Jarvis and has a sort of coating or sheen on it. The coating/sheen on the desktop gives it a cheaper look when I compare it to my Fully Jarvis.

Overall, I would say both are very nice, but I still favor the Fully Jarvis for its lighter weight design and the actual feel of the desktop.

Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago, IL

Took a walk yesterday to the Gethsemane Garden Center with my sister. The place is a lot bigger than I thought it was and they also have a gift shop where you can buy kitchenware, home good, cards, etc. They do have a pretty nice sized parking lot, so it’s convenient to drive if you plan to buy a lot of plants or heavy planters.

They have a huge plant selection to choose from and even had some super old bonsai and large cacti. Some of the plant prices get expensive, but I doubt you can find some of these plants just anywhere. The gift shop was a pleasant surprise and had a lot of cute goodies. We didn’t even realize they had a whole store full of non-garden related items. They had some really cool dishes made with cured fruit by a local artist that were super unique. I thought about getting one made with cured lemons, but I ended up only buying a dinosaur sticker book for my niece – she’s a four year old going through a major dinosaur obsession at the moment.

I would definitely go back for the gift shop alone. Like I said, they had some super cute items that would make for unique gifts. Some of the plants would also be great house warming gifts. I’d also go back if I needed something quick for our garden and it’s easier to walk over here than take a drive to Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Check out some of the photos I took while at Gethsemane below!

Tried & True – H&M Home Muslin Duvet Cover Set

H&M Home Muslin Duvet Cover Set is tried & true.

I was a little iffy before purchasing this duvet set, because I wasn’t confident about the quality H&M Home would have. The set was only $80 (turned out to be less with coupon codes applied), so I figured I had nothing to lose with finding out for myself.

I initially purchased the Muslin Duvet Cover Set in sage green, but it doesn’t appear they have that color available anymore. I ended up loving this so much, I purchased the same set in taupe (pictured here).

Shipped super quick and done through Pitney Bowes. As soon as I received the set, I threw it into the wash. Make sure you wash the set by itself, because it will shed a TON in the dryer.

As soon as I removed the set from the dryer, I was pleasantly surprised by how soft the fabric felt. It’s muslin, so it is thinner, but the fabric still has a good quality feel. The sage green and taupe both came exactly as pictured. Another major plus, is the duvet has snap closures making it easier to take on and off.
After using the duvet set for over a month, I would definitely recommend it to everyone. It is still as soft and fluffy as ever. The 100% cotton fabric makes the cover breathable and better on your skin. It has such a pretty, soft, and neutral look that is so nice for the bedroom.