Beach Life – Day 6

Another cloudy, windy day. The beach was practically empty. The water looked so much more clear we could see the sand in the water further out. Watched the waves roll in for awhile and walked along the waterfront. The water and sand felt so cool on my feet. Feeling lethargic, most likely from the weather.

Beach Life – Day 3

Another tense business day full of exhaustion.
The sun felt so warm & nice as soon as we stepped outside.
The sky was magical and it was a full moon, so this moonchild was loving it.
Forced us to stay until the sun went down.
Another perfect way to put a beautiful end to a below par day.

I took all these photos in order from top to bottom, so you could see the sky change as we did.

Beach Life – Day 2

Pretty cloudy & overcast, but not raining.
Threw on our hats and a light drizzle started right away.
Made our way to the beach.
Super, super humid – the air felt thick.
Walked along the shore and was surprised by how cold the water felt.
Progressively got more windy and the waves started crashing.
Watching the water was mesmerizing

Took some photos along the way so you could join us on our walk:

Beach Life – Day 1

Another rough day at the office.
Getting out in the sun felt so good.
The beach was nice and chill, not wild or too many people.
Listening to the waves melted away so much stress & tense feelings.
Forced us to stay and watch the sunset – took tons of pics to capture the color changes.
Crazy – went from feeling so much stress & anxiety to feeling like I had the perfect day because the end made me forget about the beginning.

Watching the sky tonight made me think of Henry David Thoreau:

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”