Beach Life – Day 12

Been a long week for both of us. Feeling sore all around. Bought a new beach blanket and gave it its first test spin. Listened to music and laid with my babe. Cloudy, but hot and humid. The breeze off the water felt good. Felt good to spend some quality time together outside.

Beach Life – Day 11

By far the most amazing sunset we’ve experienced since the start of our commitment to the beach. Checkout my photos below – I took them in order as the night went on and the changes are so drastic and so beautiful. Started off sunny and nice when we arrived. Clouds started coming in and before we knew it, it was raining. The rain cleared the beach quick and it seemed like it would downpour. It cleared quickly – picture Hawaii-esque rain. Somehow, the storm went around us, but we could watch it in the distance. So many rainbows, but I couldn’t capture them from my phone’s camera. The clouds were unbelievable – what a sight. The beauty of the night made me forget everything in the entire day.

My Commitment to the Beach

Walked to the beach the other day and found myself in such a relaxing place mentally while I was there.

The day started on the wrong foot and spiraled into an intensely stressful day, personally & professionally. After logging off for the day, it was so beautiful outside, so we decided to take a walk to the beach so I could get some fresh air and stretch out my legs and back from sitting at a computer all day.

There couldn’t have been a more perfect activity for me and where I was mentally and spiritually in that moment. The sun, the sand, the sound of waves, the beauty of the sky…it was all just perfect. All the stress I had accumulated through the day started to melt away and I started feeling relaxed – something I rarely feel.

As the sun began to set and we continued to sit by the water and watch the sky change before our eyes, we decided we would walk to the beach everyday unless it’s storming really bad. It’s great exercise, gets us sunshine, and overall it’s giving me such a healthy alternative to coping with my stress.

Can’t wait to show you guys and share our experiences.